A Tale of Two Islands

St Martin and St Kitt and two very different Islands, St Martin reminds me of Newark, New Jersey on an island with constant rush hour traffic, noise, pollution, a restaurant or gift shop on every corner, and run down buildings, but with beautiful tropical beaches.  Simpson Bay Lagoon, a huge anchorage in the middle of the island is disgusting with murky brown water, sunken boats and trash everywhere.  Not quite like the Bahamian waters we are used to.

St Kitt is relatively undeveloped and there are two monkeys for each person on the island, 60,000 monkeys!  The beaches on St Kitt are rocky or have brown sand unlike the white sand of Sint Maarten.  St Kitt is a large island and very spread out, so we needed to rent a car to see anything from our remote anchorage on the south part of the island.  We were probably 4 or 5 miles from town, but you can’t anchor near town due to the wave action.

Did we have a favorite? People watching, shopping and white sand beaches, St Martin wins hands down. Nature and unspoiled beauty, and St Kitt is one of the best.



St Martin (4)
Driving Home From Dinner in Simpson Bay Lagoon, Saint Martin


St Martin (5)
Nice to have the family together after five months!


St Martin (13)
Eating Chinese in Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch Sint Maarten


St Martin (22)
French Food in Marigot in French Saint Martin


St Martin (23)
Sunset in Marigot


St Kitts (13)
Anchored in the South end of St. Kitt in Whitehouse Bay


St Kitts (49)
Designated Driver After Stopping at a Bar! Driving on the Left, no Problem, Turning on the Windshield Wipers Instead of the Turn Signal, Big Problem.


St Kitts (51)
Many Thanks to David Nelson for his Hospitality While we Were on the Island


St Kitts (63)
An Old Plantation Home and Sugar Cane Processing Plant


St Kitts (75)
400 Year Old Tree on Rawlins Plantation


St Kitts (99)
Sarah on the Future Site of Christophe Harbor Development


We visited Kate Spencer, and an artist on St. Kitt.  She has one of the loveliest properties I have ever seen, with rolling hills down to the Caribbean and Atlantic and the immense rain forest in the backdrop.  It’s no wonder her art is so beautiful!  She was a very gracious host and spent 45 minutes sitting and talking with us.


St Kitts (39)
A View From Artist Kate Spencer’s Studio North End St Kitt


St Kitts (40)
The View up Kate’s Driveway


St Kitts (62)
A Garden in Rawlins Plantation


St Kitts (22)
Four Wheel ATV at the Base of the Rain Forest


St Kitts (101)
Our Private Dinghy Dock Courtesy of David Nelson and Christophe Harbor
St Kitts (14)
Lunch at El Fredo, my Favorite Restaurant on St Kitt



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