A Week of Life at Rum Cay and Sailing to Providenciales

Rum Cay is a Bahamian Island with  approximately 60 full time residents.  I say approximately because the locals estimate the population anywhere from 35 to 85 depending on who you ask.  The school only has 8 kids and no one has had a baby for 3 years, so they will have to shut down for a while until more babies are born.  The grocery store is only open from 11-12 on certain days, and there is a lot of dust on the shelves and little to no food.  There is a BTC (Phone company) office, a police station, two churches, a priest and a garbage man, but he is also the town drunk and his truck is broken, so garbage pickup is not super reliable.

There are three good bars, and we spent a little time there.  They feature a pool table on an indoor sand floor, darts, and lots of creative drinks since the Mailboat which brings all the groceries hasn’t shown up in a few weeks.  I ordered a rum and coke and got a cognac and coke since there is no rum.  Same thing I’m told, but really, no rum at Rum Cay?

The marina is free right now because the owner fired a local who was stealing from him, and the alleged thief’s mother is in charge of inspecting the marinas, so guess whose license wasn’t renewed.

There is a Haitian sailboat taking up two slips in the marina because it sank twice, but the Haitians are in jail for illegally immigrating to the Bahamas.  The local government wants someone to take it offshore and sink it because it’s a hazard, but they don’t want to do it, plus, how would the Haitians get home if they get out?

When Rum is available it’s $8 per bottle, but Bahamian beer is $5 per bottle because it’s imported.

Anyway, we spent a great week there.  Bobby and Gro who run the marina are great and make fabulous pizza and sushi.  JJ and Tyler speared 10-20 fish per day and Bobby and Michelle make beautiful jewelry, some of which we bought.  We would definitely move there.

After our week stay, we had our longest cruise yet for just the two of us, 211 NM from Rum Cay to Providenciales.  Mostly a good trip, except weather forecast was wrong and we couldn’t anchor at Mayaguana as planned because it was too rough, so we kept on moving.  Anyway, we caught lots of fish, slept very little and arrived at Provo at 2 in the morning because we couldn’t stop in Mayaguana.

Here are some pictures of our week, plus a few from the week before:


Entrance to the Protected Harbor at Sumners Point Marins


Docked at our Slip – Notice the Shark to the Right


Four Lemon Sharks and Seven Nurse Sharks Under the Ann Louise


Video of Sharks off of our Bow


The Creek Feeding the Harbor


Ann Louise


The Town Dock


The Town Cemetery


Leaving Rum Cay for Turks and Caicos


A Rare Calm Day on the Atlantic


Ann’s Black Fin Tuna – Our Best Meal Yet


Mahi Caught Between Rum Cay and Turks and Caicos


Mahi Ceviche and Platains in Butter and Brown Sugar


We Made it! Turks and Caicos, South Side Marina


Sunset at Providenciales


Pictures from the prior week at Great Exuma

Hotel Peace and Plenty – Great Exuma


Stocking Island
Stocking Island


Chat'n Chill 3-8-13
Chat ‘n Chill with Ken, Sylvianne, Paul and Karin


Budweiser on Sale in Provo
Budweiser on Sale!




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  1. I loved your blog. I was laughing out loud. What a great adventure! Table and Main isn’t the same with you guys.

    Safe travels….

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