April in November

We just finished our second week on the island paradise of Tobago and we have made our way to Man of War bay on the eastern tip of the island.  My cousin April made the long trek from San Francisco to Tobago and helped us move the boat over 30 NM of open water.  We had a beautiful sail although the wind and waves kicked up the last hour or two of the trip with head seas of 4′ to 5′, not the best point of sail for this boat.   We did manage to snag two Black Fin Tunas and had really fresh Sushi at 8:30 in the morning.  It was incredibly good!

We had a really great week of hiking, SCUBA diving, eating, playing dominoes and enjoying sunsets and sundowners on the aft deck.  We hope she returns soon for a longer visit next time!  Here are a few photos from our week:


Tobago (51)


Tobago (68)
Enroute From Store Bay to Man of War Bay, Tobago


Tobago (25)
A Rare Calm Passage Allowed us to Enjoy the Flybridge


Tobago (49)
Ann and April Enjoying Starbucks and Silver Needle Tea


Tobago (12)
Englishman’s Bay Tobago, Gorgeous!


Tobago (43)
Celebrating April’s Inaugural Journey on the Ann Louise in Charlotteville, Tobago at Sharon and Phoebe’s Restaurant


Tobago (8)
The Ann Louise in Man of War Bay, Tobago


Tobago (25)
Having a Sundowner Watching the Sunset in Man of War Bay


Tobago (73)
The Rain Moving Across the bay
Tobago (7)
Our Morning Hike Through the Bamboo Forrest


Tobago (5)
Steps to our Private Beach


Tobago (3)
We Discovered This Beautiful Beach on our Morning Hike


Tobago (2)


Tobago (22)
Speyside, Tobago the Morning of our Reef Dive


Tobago (17)
Enroute to Angel Reef


Tobago (18)
Ann’s First Dive as a Certified PADI Diver


Tobago (19)
April’s First Open Water SCUBA Dive


Tobago (62)
Post Dive at the Speyside Jetty


Tobago (24)
The View from Blue Water Resort in Speyside, Tobago


Tobago (59)
Ann and Bill in Charlotteville


Tobago (43)
Need we say More?
Tobago (38)
We Made a Friend At Sharon and Phoebe’s Restaurant
Tobago (93)
Our Afternoon Hangout Each Day


Tobago (65)
Bringing in What I Thought was a big Fish – It pulled out 400′ of Line


Tobago (61)
This Tiny Black Fin Tuna was at the end of the Line!


Tobago (87)
Fresh Sushi at 8:30 in the Morning!


Entering Man of War Bay near Charlotteville





6 thoughts on “April in November”

  1. I was just looking through these pictures again and it made me want to go back so badly! Such an amazing trip with two of my favorite people! Can’t wait to do it again!

  2. What a terrific experience! You are one lucky lady, April. So glad you took advantage of this opportunity to spend time with Ann and Bill. Thank you both for being such great people! Only wish I was a”couple” of years younger and could have been there. Bea

  3. Looks like a great experience . ihopebtuat someday my family will take the time to view our umderwater pictures. Enjoy life while you can’t old age comes too damn fast. Love to all and have
    A safe trip home. Jim

    1. What a trip! Such beautiful water and beaches – reminds me of Kwaj. and
      our sailboat trips Jim. Thanks for sharing.

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