Bahamas Position Update 15:48 local, May 4

Abeam West Palm and 40 NM East
2-3′ seas, clear skies, 79 degrees, Winds E 3 knots
Making 9 knots at edge of gulfstream!
Heading 330 for next 12 NM to try to get to center of stream and pick up 1 or 2 more knots, then we will turn North
359 NM remaining to entrance to Charleston Harbor
Thunderstorms might make us come into the ICW at Savannah, but since they are just isolated, we will probably push through to Charleston. ETA is Sunday midday if our predictions for speed hold true.

Mike Schlich caught a barracuda and Michael Miller caught a huge mahi! He is making Ceviche right now and we plan to grill fillets tonight. Hoping for more mahi and a tuna or two.

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