Bequia, is a small island, measuring 7 square miles with around 5000 people.  The name Bequia means “island of the clouds” in the ancient Arawak language.  There are several theories regarding the origins of the name, but I believe it came about as the entire island is covered in a haze of ganja from noon until midnight which resembles a giant cloud.  The other possible theory is that everyone is so stoned that they just think the island is in a giant cloud, not sure.  The population is a mix of white Barbadian, Scottish, Carib Indian and African, but I never saw any Barbadian, Scottish or Carib people.

Bequia is a beautiful island and a cruiser’s dream with a huge anchorage, well built dinghy docks everywhere, lots of bars on sand beaches and, ganja.  This one guy tried to sell me the same joint several times, each time I walked by him  (I don’t think he remembered), and I almost bought it just so I could post a picture as it was the size of a Cohiba.

Bequia Cigar


Bequia is one of the few places in the world where limited whaling is still allowed by the International Whaling Commission.[2] Natives of Bequia are allowed to catch up to four humpback whales per year using only traditional hunting methods of hand-thrown harpoons in small, open sailboats.

Bequia (32)
An Example of the Bequian Sailboat Used to Harpoon Whales


Luckily for the Whales, and in large part due to the very high quality of the Ganja, sailing and harpooning skills have declined and they have been unable to harpoon a whale for several years.  They did however manage to harpoon the bottom of one of their boats last Saturday.

Bequia (45)
A Picture of a Recent Whaling Expedition From the Saloon of the Ann Louise

In honor of their tradition, Ann and I had our traditional first beer at the Whaleboner bar and restaurant on the south side of Admiralty bay.


Bequia (2)
Drinking in the Rain at the Whaleboner

Bequia truly is a great place with nice people and we hope to be back in years to come. Hopefully they don’t read blogs.

Bequia (3)
Ann and I Drinking a Hairoun Local Brew


Bequia (4)
Cruising Friends Dudley and Heidi


Bequia (34)
Bequian Standoff


Bequia (20)
Sugar Reef Resort, one of our Favorite Locations


Bequia (17)
Sugar Reef Inside View


Bequia (46)
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church


Bequia (11)
The Green Boley Bar – Owned and Operated by Liston for 30 Years


Bequia (28)
Papa’s Restaurant and Bar – Our all Time Favorite Bar on Bequia


Bequia (27)
Steep Driveway


Bequia Wreck
Bequian Freighter, on the Rocks


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  1. Yours and my friend Patti Craig told me about your trip and sent me the link to this blog. How exciting for you and after reading the above, I know one person who would love to go live in Bequia (no not me!) Thank you for taking us along with you on your journey!

  2. WOW… what a treat to get your email with all the blog links! Congratulations in living YOUR dream! You are planning on missing the hurricane season on the boat, right? We hope to see you in your return to the Mainland a.k.a Roswell GA to hear more about your adventures!

  3. What an awesome journey! Your blog is fantastic (my mental escape) . I know you must have so many many other stories. Hope to hear them. Take care and safe travels…whats left of them.

  4. You guys are living my dream retirement – – I guess I will have to live vicariously through you guys. Looks like a great trip and happy to have you back on the mainland

  5. Sitting here with Scotty, thinking of you, looking at your site… happy you are having a wonderful time!!!

  6. Debbie, Good to hear from you! I hope you and Mark are doing well. Are you moved into the new house? Bill

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