Eight Months and 2434 Miles

We made it to Trinny, our final sail for the summer and south of the hurricane belt!  I don’t know what I really expected, but I was thinking paradise lost and a few hundred people on a basically deserted island.  I guess I should have read the guide-book; not even close.   It’s 1.5 million people on a 40 X 80 mile island with malls, superstores, lots of KFCs, traffic jams, urban sprawl, crime, drugs: you know, just like home! It is a melting pot of 40% Indian, 40% African 1.2% Chinese, 0.6% white and lots of everything else so OK, maybe not exactly like home.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of beautiful unspoiled areas of Trinidad. They are just a long drive from where we are docked.

A couple of days after our arrival, we did the “Taste of Trinidad” tour of the island with our host, historian and driver Jesse James. What an experience!  Jesse is a Trinadian of East Indian origin and took us on a 10 hour drive around the island and treated us to almost 80 different Trinadian delicacies.  Most of the food was delicious, well, except for the cow hoof soup and barbecued pig tails.  The flavors of the soup and barbecue sauce were good, but the hooves and tails were just too chewy.  I don’t like having to crush cartilage for a full minute before I can swallow.

We are in a nice marina called “Crews Inn” in Chaguaramas.  The great thing about Chaguaramas is that it has become a yachting refit center mecca.  You can have anything done in this place; new sails, new engines, new fiberglass,  woodwork, electronics and everything in between, and at 1/4 to 1/2 the cost compared to the US for anything labor intensive.

Trinidad (1)
At the Lighthouse with Mike and Paula After a Rough Sail

The trip from Grenada to Trinidad  was 18 hours and fairly lumpy.  The waves weren’t large, but they were confused and we felt like we were in a washing machine for about 12 hours. No one was able to sleep very well, but at least there were four of us to share the helm.  We dragged two fishing lines for the entire trip and didn’t even get a hit, which is unusual for these waters.


Grenada to Trinidad (11)
A Squall Chasing us At Sunrise en route to Trinny


Sunrise and a Squall Between Grenada and Trinidad

Grenada to Trinidad (8)
Approaching Trinny From the North – Beautiful!


On Friday June 28, we are hauling the boat out of the water, cleaning up from 6 months at sea, and heading home to Roswell for couple of months to relax, visit friends and family and wait out the worst of hurricane season. We probably won’t post until we are back at sea in October. Thanks for following the blog and see you soon!


Trinidad (21)
Goodbye From Trinidad!


Postcards From Trinny


Trinidad (6)
A Cocoa Tree with Many “Air Plants” Living on the Tree


Trinidad (8)
Jesse James, Ann and Mike – Cocoa Plantation


Trinidad (10)
Palm Lined Beach at Coscos Bay – East Coast


Trinidad (20)
Coscos Bay with Mike and Paula


Trinidad (19)
Live Blue Crabs for Sale, Hanging on a Mailbox


Trinidad (18)
Roadside Watermelon and Ganja Stand. Dallas Dallas, Proprietor


Trinidad (22)
Hanging Birds’ Nest


Trinidad (7)
Ann Picking Cocoa Pod – They Grow on Branches and Trunk


Trinidad (26)
Chaguaramas Harbor – Our Home for Two to Three Months


Trinidad (32)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Port of Spain, the Capital City


Trinidad (33)
Coat of Arms – Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad (34)
Walking in Port of Spain


Trinidad (36)
Port of Spain Skyline


Grenada to Trinidad (18)
Paula Piloting the Ann Louise off the Coast of Grenada


Grenada to Trinidad (21)
Mike at the Helm in St George – Passing a Windjammer Sailboat


6 thoughts on “Eight Months and 2434 Miles”

  1. What an adventure you are having! Really enjoyed the narative and pictures. Look forward to following you in the future. Omg, your family had grown up since I saw you. Good looking group!

  2. What an incredible journey you two have been on. We really want to get together while you are back in Roswell. We would love to hear all about it!

  3. Wow! Looks like an incredible experience. I’ve wondered if you all were ever coming back…can’t wait to see you and hear about it in person!

  4. Ah…. Thanks for sharing your trip with all. See you back in Roswell… We’re waiting for you!

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