First Leg of the Journey Complete. In the Bahamas!

We’ve made it once again to Georgetown in the Bahamas for the third year in a row.  It is good to see our old friends and familiar places.  Thanks to Jim and Linda for helping us make it this far.  Jim and I got to spend a lot of quality time in the engine room as I cursed impellers, propellers and circuit breakers.  I think/hope we have all of our problems with our new equipment worked out. We finally installed a watermaker this year and after some teething pains, it’s finally producing 42 gallons of fresh water an hour.  Much nicer than filling 5 gallon jerry cans up at the well and lugging them back in the dinghy in two foot seas.

Georgetown is nicknamed “Chicken Harbor” as many people never end up going further south in the Caribbean due to the large unprotected distances between islands from this point on.  Ann and I hope get enough courage to leave sometime in the next 2-4 weeks assuming we can find a good weather window and one more able body to help us with the first three legs.  Any volunteers?

Anyway, below are a few pictures of our trip so far and I’ve updated the “Current GPS Track” section of the blog if you care to see that. Cheers!




Leaving The Great Bahama Bank for Exuma Sound through Dotham Cut


Jim and Linda in Dotham Cut


Mahi in Exuma Sound abeam Lee Stocking Island


Sunset in the Tongue of the Ocean


Raising the quarantine flag prior to clearing customs at Great Harbor in the Berry Islands


Atop Monument Hill on Stocking Island overlooking Elizabeth Harbor with a view of Great Exuma in the background


Jim and Linda Miller on Staniel Cay




Entering the cut into the harbor at Great Harbor, Berry Islands, Bahamas


Jim and Bill navigating into Elizabeth Harbor


The infamous swimming pigs at Big Majors Cay

2013-03-03 13.58.45

My favorite bartender, Annette (Bahamian Bartender that is)


Ann and Sarah at the Chat and Chill, Stocking Island


Sarah and Bill – ditto


From Right to Left –  Ann, Bill Paul, Karin, Sylvianne and Ken

2013-03-04 20.00.33

This is either Sarah or Ann beating me in Mexican Train Dominoes, not sure


3 thoughts on “First Leg of the Journey Complete. In the Bahamas!”

  1. Hi Bill i love your photo, especially your favorite bar tender, she must be trouble… ….lol, all the best to you and wife Ann ,stay safe mss you both , come home soon xoxo

  2. Hi Bill & Ann,
    I absolutely am living vicariously through you both! You all look beautiful and I love reading about your journey. I live the water, fish and the pictures you have shared. God bless you all and love to your family. Penny & Madonna Jusko

  3. Trying to figure out the weather, the finances, and the right time to help. Would love to take the next big step with yall as a deck hand.

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