Grenada – The Island of Spice

Grenada is a beautiful mountainous island well-known for its nutmeg and mace crops.  The island has been both a French and British Colony in the past and is currently an independent democracy and a Commonwealth Realm meaning Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Grenada and the titular Head of State.

On October 19, 1983, Communist elements of the Grenadian Army led a coup against the government of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and he was executed by soldiers along with seven others, including government cabinet ministers at Fort George.  Six days later on October 25, the United States invaded Grenada, extracting 2000 U.S citizens, mostly students,  and  restoring democracy.  The people of Grenada to this day are very grateful to the US for this action.  The Cubans are still unhappy.

After spending months at anchor, we opted for the luxurious Port Louis Marina and the associated air conditioning as our friends Mike and Paula Schlich were joining us for a week vacation and our final sail of the summer to Trinidad. Ann’s early morning walks were really appreciated by all aboard as she returned with fresh mangos and chocolate croissants for our breakfast each day.

Our stay in Grenada was short, but we managed to see much of the island and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Patrick’s where we were served 17 different “small plates” of traditional Grenadian dishes made with local ingredients. The callaloo soup (incredible), stewed goat and spice cake for dessert were favorites.

Grenada (12)
A View of St. George Bay From Fort George


Grenada (15)
Port Louis Marina


Grenada (17)
Beautiful Old Tree Across the Bay From Fort George


Grenada (24)
Ann and Paula on our Private Beach


Grenada (26)
The Grounds at Port Louis Marina


Grenada (31)
Our Friends Mike and Paula Schlich


Grenada (34)
The Colorfully Barked Eucalyptus Tree


Grenada (41)
Annandale Waterfall in the Grenadian Interior


Grenada (2)
Site of the American Invasion in 1983



Grenada (35)
Nutmeg – The Outer Red Covering is Mace, Another Spice


Grenada (39)
Cocoa Pod – You Can Suck on the Seeds. Delicious Chocolate Flavor


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