Leaving Georgetown for Rum Cay 3-13-13

We’ve left Georgetown and the Exumas behind us and took our first step south.  We had a beautiful sail from Elizabeth Harbor to Rum Cay yesterday.  There were 8′ swells with 2-3′ chop, but the swells were widely spaced (13 second period), so it was mostly a relaxing ride.  We dropped two lines in the water as soon as we entered the Exuma Sound, and after we rounded the tip of Long Island, we caught two Mahi at the same time.  Ann left the boat on autopilot and we reeled them both in and gaffed them with no problem.

About 2 hours later, Ann woke me up from a nap and said we had another fish on the line.  It was a big one and had spun off 3/4 of the line already and was quickly taking the rest.  Ann fought it for a while, and then handed it off to me to finish.  It was a big Mahi (see picture below) and did not want to come near or in the boat, except for the time it tried to jump in the boat. We finally got it gaffed and pulled it into the boat and we will be eating Mahi for at least a month.

Mahi 1
Mahi number three on the day. This one put up a 20 minute fight.

We had a little trouble getting into the harbor, and firmly grounded the boat in sand as we approached the docks.  It was then I noticed all the people waving at us to stop.  Ann thought they were being friendly.  Although I’m sure I’m missing a little of my new bottom paint and prop coating, we got off the sand bar and proceeded to our assigned slip, where we grounded again!  Apparently hurricane Sandy shifted some sand around in the harbor that is not yet reflected on the charts.  Also, most of the channel markers went missing during Sandy as well.

Rum Cay
We are at the “A” marker. Rum Cay, Bahamas

We arrived just in time for happy hour and one of the locals (there are 38 people on the Island) cooked dinner for 19 of us boaters.  It was a great meal featuring Wahoo in goat pepper sauce, Bahamian mac and cheese, pigeon peas and rice and a delicious rum cake for dessert.

Unfortunately, our new slip (in which the front of the boat is once again grounded) does not allow us to get off and on our boat yet.  They are supposed to build a ladder this morning to allow us to climb off the bow.  Ann doesn’t like our new slip/ladder arrangement because if you go into the water, there are currently 7 sharks over 6′ long laying under our bow.

Sumner Point Marina - Rum Cay
Sumner Point Marina at Rum Cay – All the slips are free for the rest of the year!

We plan to stay here for a while as some bad weather is moving through the area, and then onward to either Mayaguana, Turks and Caicos, or Crooked Island.




4 thoughts on “Leaving Georgetown for Rum Cay 3-13-13”

  1. Good sailing and the luck of the Irish to guide u in ur travels. Pope Francis the 1
    st Pretty Awesome. I bet Marie Francis Smith smiling.love to all Sally and J


  2. That Mahi is amazing! How much did it weigh? Do you have a processing plant on board? As always, enjoying your adventures!! A question for you…. Bruce and I are taking a sailing trip soon – with some rough water. What do you know about Stugeron? (not the fish, the seasick pill :)..)

    Thanks! Carol

  3. Wow! What a journey so far!! I love these updates so I can follow along– please keep them coming! Peter was really impressed by your Mahi!! You wouldn’t catch me going off the bow of your boat either!! Probably will have nightmares just reading about those sharks! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Be safe! We love you guys!
    The Swallenders. 🙂

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