Made it out of the USA!!!

We  left Stuart, Fl on Monday February 18 for our big trip.  We cruised on the ICW to Lake Worth, FL and the next day headed across the gulf stream to the Berry Islands.  We checked in at Great Harbor Cay and after spending 1-1/2 hours (not a great island) headed west of New Providence, through the tongue of the ocean and across to Norman’s Cay.  Unfortunately Normans had damage from hurricane Sandy so the bar was closed. We left the next day and are now in Staniel Cay drinking rum drinks.  Here is Ann in the SE II.


The new and improved (softer)  SE II


Big Majors Anchorage


Ann Louise bathing


The pigs at Big Majors – The actually climbed into this dinghy and almost sank it!  All the people were screaming and jumping out.  We were rooting for the pigs.

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