Offshore Run May 2010 – Stuart to Annapolis

Mike and Bill’s Great Adventure

Day 1 – Thursday 5/13

This was our first experience making a long offshore run (~950NM) far from land.  We started in Stuart, FL and worked our way to Ft. Peirce in the intra-coastal waterway to spend the night at Pelican Marina.

Day 2 – Friday 5/14

At 5:30 a.m. we prepared to depart as to position ourselves off the coast of Cape Canaveral for the last launch of Shuttle Atlantis at 2:30 pm.  The launch went off right on time and we had a great view of  it.

Last flight of Atlantis
Shuttle contrail

After watching the launch, we headed in a directly out to the gulf stream and then Cape Hatteras.  We had never tried this long of a trip with two people and Mike suggested we try 4 hours shifts which worked really well.  We were almost run over by a frieghter at 11:00 p.m.  Came with 100-200′ of hitting us!  No problem staying awake for the rest of my shift.

Day 3 – Saturday 5/15

Apparently right in the center of the gulf steam.  Water temp is 80 and we are cruising at 9.3 to 10 knots.  Saw a whale, caught a nice Mahi and had a bird visit us in the pilothouse within 30 minutes!

A lost bird joined us in the pilothouse
Blackened Mahi for Dinner!

Day 4  – Sunday 5/16

Approaching Beaufort, NC.  Based on weather, have decided to go around Cape Hatteras.  We have reached speeds as high as 11.5 knots so the gulf stream current is up to 4.5 kts.

Mike with cruise ship in background

Day 5 – Monday 5/17

Successfully rounded the Cape.  Getting beat-up by unexpected east wind as we skirt the outer banks of NC

Outer Banks

Day 6 – Tuesday 5/18

Heavy rain as we enter the mouth of the Chesapeake.  the “Virginia Pilot” helps us through the traffic circle in limited visibility.  No more night time travel w/o AIS and Infrared capability.  Too dangerous.  North winds steady at 21 in morning increasing to 27G32 in afternoon forces a stop in Solomons to visit Scotty and drink some beer.  Waves were building to 4-6′ head seas with very short period.

Radar loop for 17th - Click to animate

Day 7 – Wednesday 5/19

Chesapeake is like a pond, barely a ripple as we cruise our final leg into Annapolis and off to O’Briens for some R&R

Best oysters around!
Grumps Cafe - Great Breakfast

2 thoughts on “Offshore Run May 2010 – Stuart to Annapolis”

  1. Hi, Bill! After reading your note, I’m glad we ducked into Beaufort! The top two worse seas I’ve been in have been in the Chesapeake Bay, off the Potomac River… I just don’t trust NOAA forecasts and I don’t push the envelope… I get in early! (WIMP!) Glad you got through and hopefully Solomons was a good stay for you… I’m heading back there tomorrow to race for the first time this season… Great hearing from you! I, too, enjoyed chatting while on watch… Thank you!

  2. Wow you have great pictures! LOL

    The Captain pointed us toward some drifting weeds. He then caught sight of Moby.. I mean the large whale. The Dolphin fish then hit the lure. The little bird entered the cabin.

    Bill fought this fish valiantly and cooked it like a chef!

    Grumps was the best omlet breakfast.

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