Postcards From Culebra

A few pictures from our travels along the streets of Culebra


Culebra (34)
Hand Crafted Sangria at Zaco’s Tacos


Culebra (33)
The Bar at Zaco’s


Culebra (16)
Ann Waiting for the Restaurant to Open


Culebra (17)
Our favorite Restaurant on the Island – Amazing Food!


Culebra (32)
The “Dinghy Dock” Bar and Restaurant


Culebra (29)
Sunset at the “Dinghy Dock”


Culebra (28)
The Most Interesting Drawbridge – The Entire Section of the Road Pulls Straight Up


Culebra (23)
How to Avoid Property Taxes


Culebra (15)
Our Anchorage From the Air


Culebra (11)
Roadside Bar


Culebra (9)
Why Cut Boards on Both Sides if You Only Use One?


Culebra (3)
Typical Island Transport


Culebra (4)
Picture of His Wife, Never Seen a Dog


Culebra (39)
Jesus Looking Over Culebra Church
Culebra (38)
After 10:00 Mass on Sunday

More to come…

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