Second trip – Stuart to Vero – Fire on Board!?

The second trip was our first big adventure in the intercoastal.  Lot’s of fun.  The crew was Bil, Pete, Lois, Linda and Jim with Mary Ann giving us a great send off and handling the mooring lines.

Lois and Linda just prior to casting off

The first task was to put the dinghy back on the boat.

How many engineers does it take to ...

Mary Ann helped us cast off from the dock.

Mary Ann casting us off

And we’re off.  Beatuful cruise to Vero Beach through the intercoastal waterway.  We were worried about passing under a 26′ bridge after passing through hell gate until we found out the NOAA charts for this area are over 5 years old and the bridge had been torn down years earlier!  Good job NOAA!

Pete and Lois
Pete and Lois

When we arrived at the Vero Municipal Marina, we picked up a mooring ball at the far end of the mooring field.  Great location since there was nothing but wilderness off the aft deck.

Vero Municipal Marina - We were at the very top of the picture

We decided to take a dinghy ride to the Marina Office to pay out $11 fee for the night and to check out nearby watering holes.

Pete, Jim and Bill in the "Sarah Elizabeth"

That night, we went to the Riverside Cafe in the dinghy.  Fun place with average food.  A large dinghy dock with plenty of room for transients.  One of the boats tied up to the dock was sinking quickly, but the guy who owned it was drunk and didn’t believe his friends who were yelling to him that is was sinking!  It was gone when we left, so it they must have figured it out.

Had a great sleep and headed North the next morning a dawn.  Ended up anchoring for lunch about 15 miles north since none of the marinas could handle our 5′ draft.  That night, we went back to Vero again and got the same mooring ball.  We walked 2 miles into town and ate dinner at Waldos, “Americas Last Great Hangout”.  At least that is what the sign said.  Pretty good food but no one else knew it was the last great hangout, so it was pretty dead.

Jim took this one


Linda took this one

The next morning we were off to Peck Lake anchorage, a beatiful spot on the intercoastal near a 10 mile strip of deserted beach on the Atlantic.

Pete and Bill on the flybridge

Lois took her turn at the helm on the way South.

Lois at the helm!

Unfortunately about three hours into the six hour trip, we smelled insulation burning.  It was very strong and we were pretty sure we had an electrical fire.  At first we weren’t sure since we were toasting bread in the oven for the first time, but after troubleshooting for a while, we decided not to take a chance and to head back to Stuart to have Krogen troubleshoot the problem.  It turns out it was the oven, but better safe than sorry.

FIRE!!! - not...

Anyway, we dicided to stay on the boat and dine in lovley downtown Stuart that night.  Had a great meal at Duffy’s Sports Bar and Grill with Mary Ann and Brother Dan.

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