Summer 2009 – Greenport, NY to Annapolis, MD

A month on the boat!  It seems like a long time as we prepare to leave, but I know it will pass quickly.  We plan to provision the boat Monday and Tuesday, and then leave Greenport either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  I’ll try to keep the site up-to-date as we travel on our journey south.

June 28th – Day 1

I arrived Sunday and began to get the boat ready for it’s summer journey

Lonely and Beautiful
Lonely and Beautiful

June 29th – Day 2

Polished all the stainless steel hardware on the port side of the boat, cleaned the inside and got ready the engines.

June 30th – Day 3

Ann, Sarah, Sam and Katherine arrived Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. on the Hampton Jitney.

Greenport is a definite tourist trap.  All the locals must eat somewhere else, or they are very wealthy. We ate off the lunch menu at Bill’s BBQ and it was $14 for a BBQ sandwich and $2.50 for a coke!  Most of the other restaurants are even pricier

We spent the rest of the day unpacking,  grocery shopping, cooking our dinner and playing board games.  We also invited our neighbors over to the boat for drinks and had a pleasant evening getting to know them.  They have a custom built lobster boat that they have cruised on for three years.

July 1st – Day 4

We left Greenport at 10:00 a.m. for a short two hour ride to Three Mile Bay.  As we pulled away from the dock, we were greeted with a flash of lightning and a huge clap of thunder.  It was an ominous beginning to the day’s voyage.

Our First Day
The radar over Long Island on our first cruising day!

It was raining so hard, we had to wait outside the entrance to Three Mile Harbor for about 45 minutes until we could see the entrance bouys to the channel.  We finally  got in, launched the dinghy and it promptly started to rain again.  Lightning, thunderstorms and 30 knot winds off and on for about two hours.  We passed the time by playing board games until the weather cleared.

Sarah, Sam , Katherine

Sam, Katherine and Sarah playing wholesome family games

We then walked three miles into East Hampton for some great Mexican food at the Blue Parrot and browsed through a bunch of overpriced boutiques.

2009-07-01 17.45.25

July 2nd – Day 5

The forecast was for rain, so we decided to make it a travel day and head for the city.  We left Three Mile Bay in the Hamptons, and headed North to Orient Point and out into Long Island Sound.  We had a strong current against us, so we stopped at 6:00 p.m. and anchored at Port Jefferson, NY.  We found a beautiful secluded anchorage and the girls took the dinghy exploring the beach and the town.

Anchorage at Port Jefferson
Anchorage at Port Jefferson

July 3rd – Day 6

The girls wanted to get into the city on Friday, so we left at 6:30 a.m. and arrived at City Island around noon.

Ann pulling up anchor at Port Jefferson
Ann pulling up anchor at Port Jefferson

We contacted Fred the dockmaster and he guided us to our mooring ball at the Harlem Yacht Club.

Harlem Yacht Club
Harlen Yacht Club - Founded 1883
Just Arrived!

We decided to go for a short walk on the Island, and somehow ended up in Times Square, Canal St., Chinatown, Little Italy and The Newport Yacht Club in New Jersey.    I have several favorite eateries in NYC and we managed two of them today.  The Papaya King has the best hot dogs in the world (they make them each morning) and The Excellent Dumpling House near the corner of Canal and Lafayette has the best dumplings in the world. Ann and I filled up for $2.50 each on a dumpling plate!

Sarah at the Excellent Dumpling House
Sarah at the Excellent Dumpling House
2009-07-03 15.59.54
Times Square

We ended up getting back to the boat at 11:00 p.m. exhausted and were forced to play the girls in another game of Taboo since they have never beat us.  Ann and I have now one three nights in a row but the girls did make it a close game this time.

July 4th – Day 7

Independence Day!  Our American flag is flying and we’ve decided NOT to go downtown for the fireworks.  We actually made a great choice as we were able to see 35+ firework displays from our mooring in the harbor, including Macy’s.

July 5th – Day 8

We spent the day in NYC.  St Patrick Catherdral for Mass, picnic in Central Park, Shopping at Macy’s, Afternoon in Washington Square, A movie and dinner in Greenwich Village.  Long Day.  We decided to stay at the Harlem Yacht Club for the next week or so instead of moving to New Jersey as planned.  Didn’t like the marina.   Sam is going home tomorrow, Katherine leaves in two days and Michael and Reyna arrive.

July 6th – Day 9

We rested

July 7th – Day 10

Lunch at Lombardi’s in Little Italy, walked battery park around the tip of Manhattan and visited the World Trade Center construction site.  They have one building built and the big one is under construction along with 4 others and the memorial.

July 8th – Day 11

We are sad to see Katherine leave, but Michael and Reyna arrive for a well deserved 5 day vacation from work and school.

On The Mooring Ball At The Harlem Yacht Club, City Island, The Bronx, New York
On the Mooring Ball at the Harlem Yacht Club, City Island, the Bronx, New York

July 9th – Day 12

Michael and Reyna’s first day in the big Apple.  We ate dinner at a Turkish restaurant, and took in a Broadway Show.  We attended Wicked!, the musical, at the Gershwin Theater.  It was a great show and highly recommended!

July 10th – Day 13

Went into the city again today.  Michael, Reyna and Sarah went up the Empire State building.  Ann and I drank beer at the South Seaport in lower Manhattan and watched the traffic on the East River.  It’s fascinating to watch the ferry and other traffic on this very swift river.

Michael and Reyna Atop The Empire State Building
Michael and Reyna atop the Empire State Building

July 11th – Day 14

Little Italy
Little Italy

July 12th – Day 15

Michael and Reyna went into the city by themselves and saw a movie.  We met them for dinner and had a special treat at a Brazilian churrascaria.

July 13th- Day 16

Michael and Reyna left us to go back to the real world (jobs).  We will miss them.

July 14th to July 16th – Day 17 to Day 19

Ann, Sarah and I are exhausted.  We spent 4 days taking it easy, exploring City Island and recharging our batteries.

July 17th – Day 20

We got the boat moving again today.  Went from Long Island Sound, through Hell Gate and the East River into lower Manhattan.  Then up the Hudson River and over to the New Jersey Shore to the Newport Yacht Club.  This is our final jumping off point for the offshore leg to Cape may, NJ.  Great trip up the East River past the United Nations and the skyscrapers in Manhattan.

City Island to Newport Yachy Club via the East River
United Nations
United Nations
Heading down the East River past Roosevelt Island and Midtown Manhattan
Heading down the East River past Roosevelt Island and Midtown Manhattan

July 18th – Day 21 – Saturday

Pete and Jim Miller arrive to help us take the boat to Annapolis.  Our course will be out of New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty and then head about 35 miles offshore for the journey south.  Then we will go around Cape May, up into the Deleware Bay, through the CD (Chesepeake-Deleware) Canal and south through the Chesepeake to Annapolis, MD.  It will be about 350 NM in length.

What a beautiful start to the trip.  We left the Marina around 11:45 am and headed south through the Hudson River.  It was Sunny and 80 degrees as we passed lower Manhattan for the last time and motored towards the Statue of Liberty.

Leaving Newport Yacht Club in Jersey City for our Offshore Voyage
Leaving Newport Yacht Club in Jersey City for our Offshore Voyage
Ann Sarah and Bill on the Hudson with Manhattan in the Background
Ann Sarah and Bill on the Hudson with Manhattan in the Background
Lady Liberty and Lady Sarah

Captain Pete Piloting Us Past The Statue Of Liberty

Captain Miller, Sr. Piloting Us past the Statue of Liberty
Jim and Lady Liberty
Jim and Lady Liberty

The Seas were one to three feet and hardly noticeable as we left New york Harbor and headed out under the Narrows Bridge

Tough Going!
Tough Going!

Unfortunately, the seas got very rough that night, picking up to about 5′-6′ steady waves with a short period right on the bow, and fairly often throwing in a 7′ or 8′ wave to really shake us up.  The stabilizers don’t help much with a head sea and we were pitching up and down quite a bit.  It was pretty uncomfortable from 18:00 Saturday to 09:00 the next morning.  We all had trouble sleeping and the waves made it hard to cook and to eat.  Sarah did the 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. shift.

July 19th – Day 22 – Sunday

Our Path From NYC to Annapolis
Our Path from NYC to Annapolis

The waves died down to about 4′-5′ with a longer period, everyone got thier sea legs and we had a beautiful day on the water.  We rounded Cape May around 15:30 and made it all the way up through the Deleware Bay to the nouth of the CD Canal by 20:00 that evening.  We anchored at a beautiful and peaceful spot behind Reedy Island and feased on fried steak an noodles with a big summer salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.  We finished off the evening with a game of taboo and Ann and I barely beat Sarah, Pete and Jim.

July 20th – Day 23 – Monday – The C & D Canal and back to Annapolis!

The C & D Canal was first proposed in the 1600’s to reduce the shipping distance from Baltimore to Philadelphia by more than 300 miles, but it took until 1829 to complete the Canal.  We were really glad that it was there.  (link to Canal History ).

We pulled up anchor at about 7:00 a.m. and headed out to find the entrance to the canal.

C & D Canal

Nice day on the water and we made it through the canal and all the way to Annapolis by 16:30.

Railroad Bridge On the C & D Canal
Railroad Bridge on the C & D Canal
Restaurant In Chesapeake City on the Canal
Chesapeake Emergency Response Team
Restaurant on the Canal in Chesapeake City
Restaurant on the Canal in Chesapeake City
Arriving in Annapolis
Arriving in Annapolis
Sliding Past The Naval Academy And Into Our Marina
Sliding past the Naval Academy and into our Marina

The now experienced crew docked without incident, rinsed off the boat and headed into downtown Annapolis for dinner at O’Briens where we celebrated the end of a successful voyage and Ann’ first ocean passage.

July 21 – Day 24 – Tuesday

Ann and Sarah flew home to take care of Michael and the puppy and Pete, Jim and I took it easy, explored Annapolis, shopped at marine stores and watched a movie.

Acme Restaurant and Grill - Annapolis
Acme Restaurant and Grill - Annapolis

July 22 – Day 25 – Wednesday

End of the trip!!!  It really did go fast.  We all drove to BWI and I caught Delta home while Jim and Pete rode Airtran back.  Thanks to everyone who came for a great trip!

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  1. Bill and Ann,
    I have enjoyed traveling vicariously with you (I must admit I was looking around for the dramamine a few times). What an exciting adventure for your family and friends!
    Please let me know when “we” are casting off again so I can follow along.

  2. Dear Bill. I really enjoyed reading about your trip. The pictures were
    beautiful and it looked like everyone had a good time. I would have
    enjoyed it except for the highwaves !! I loved the comments. Hope you have many more safe enjoyable trips. Love you — Mom

  3. Why aren’t there any pictures of the girls cleaning the deck, washing out the bathrooms, doing laundry……You’d think they were on vacation or something!

    1. Katherine doesn’t get up early enough to participate in those activities, and Sarah says she feels bad working alone.

    1. Leslie – Teenage girls eat way more than teenage boys. I made fried rice for 8 last night and it’s all gone!

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