The Best Day Ever*

They say the second best day of your life is when you buy your boat, the best day is when you sell it.  Well if that saying applies to houses as well, we had quite the two weeks in late May.  Over that period, we sold three houses and our 48′ Krogen Trawler and bought a slightly larger 58′ Krogen Trawler!  In addition, we sold both cars, all of our furniture, paintings, lawn mowers and moved to Florida. Whew!

Our new boat, same name “Ann Louise,” is more suited to our planned cruising style with twin screws (engines) and two generators for a little extra peace of mind out on the high seas.  It’s also our only remaining residence, so it’s nice to have a little more storage room, longer range and nicer guest accommodations (hint, hint).


109 Goulding SOLD
Our Residence for 22 Years Taxed out of Existence by Fulton County, GA (FTC!)


90 Goulding SOLD
90 Goulding and Michael’s Residence for Two Years


The Old Ann Louise
The Old “Ann Louise” Docked in the Bahamas


Beach House
Isle of Palms Beach House – Good Memories!


5814 BOUGHT 2
Our New 58′ Kadey Krogen Trawler


The two boats were together, still with the same name! for 24 hours!
Saying Goodbye to Each Other in Ft. Pierce, FL


Two Engines!  Yeah!!!
The New Boat Getting Spruced Up. Twin Screws!



*except for my wedding day and the birth of my children and the day I quit work and that one night in Rio…