Tobago, they say, is what the Caribbean was like 20 years ago.   This is our first trip of the season after spending our summer break in Roswell, GA and we are looking forward to getting back into the island lifestyle: you know, drinking without regret!

We spent the last six weeks in Trinidad  doing repairs and enhancements on the boat, and also enjoying the sights and sounds of Trinidad.  The people there are great and we really enjoyed our time.  We were docked in the yachting center of Trinidad, Chaguaramas, on the northwest tip of the island,  just seven miles from Venezuela.

While Tobago is an unspoiled gem and many areas of Trinny are beautiful, the northwest tip of Trinidad is an industrial swamp with garbage strewn beaches and roads.  The people there are very nice, but apparently not all are environmentally conscious. And, it’s not just the locals – boats anchored and even docked at the marinas here don’t use holding tanks and just flush their toilets directly into the local waters.

2013-09-28 08.13.52

The water in Chaguaramas, Trinidad is a disgusting, smelly, black, garbage strewn cesspool.   But enough of my lighthearted plug for vacationing in Chaguaramas, let’s go to Tobago!

Tobago is 24 miles long and 6 miles wide.  It’s oriented mostly east to west which means there are very few good harbors due to the easterly trade winds making for very uncomfortably rolly anchorages.  We plan to spend a week anchored at the western tip of the Island in Store Bay and then cruise the northern coast to Charlotteville near the eastern tip where the really good reefs are located.

We hope to get our SCUBA certification next week with a company by the name of Undersea Tobago and spend at least a month here diving the beautiful reefs and caves and exploring the island.   Until then, I’ve posted a few pictures from our Trinidad visit and our journey here.  Enjoy!

Tobago Sunset
Sunset in Store Bay Anchorage, Tobago

The Halfway Point of our Beautiful 12 Hour Sail to Tobago

2013-10-24 13.54.27
The Western View of the aft Deck in Store Bay


Store Bay Satellite View
Store Bay Anchorage, Tobago


Blackfin 1-23-13
Nice Little Blackfin Tuna Caught Just West of Tobago


2013-10-17 19.13.17
Our Friends Richard and Lavinia Maggs at Crews Inn Marina


2013-09-28 09.24.08
The Open air Market in Trinny


2013-09-22 09.27.34
Our Favorite Catholic Church in Trinny

We were actually kidnapped from this church by and elderly women by the name of Kwailan La Borde.

2013-09-22 10.06.12
An Early Picture of Kwailan

After church, she asked us if we needed a ride home which we gratefully accepted.  She then asked us to sit in the back seat and promptly turned left and took us the opposite direction we were expecting.  She said, “I hope you have a little extra time because I wanted to show you a few things on the island and do some shopping”.  We spent the next two hours doing just that and thoroughly enjoyed our kidnapping and eventually ended up back at our boat with unexpected groceries and a new friend.  It turns out she’s a famous Trinidadian and, with her husband Harold, were the first Trinidadians to sail around the world.  She even took some time to show us the book she wrote about the journey.

Anchored With the new Flopper-Stopper Installed



Coco Reef Beach Club – Tobago



2013-09-19 15.47.00
Splashing the “Ann Louise” After two Months on the Hard



11 thoughts on “Tobago!”

  1. I have a 48 NS hull #7 and wondering where you got your flopper stoppers and how satisfied with them are you? Looking at stabilizers, but they are pricey.

  2. This looks incredible. I am jealous. What an adventure. You guys are my poster children for using all your wealth to live a fulfilled life.

  3. LOVE living vicariously through you two. Will you still be sailing next year?? Want a couple of shipmates? 3 of our 4 kids will be gone and Julia has become quite independent… Until then, we’ll just keep replaying your video and sit on our porch with a couple of good beverages, pretending we are there. Hey, we need to go diving together (after my refresher course, of course)!!

  4. Wow – beautiful!!! Does Kwailan still have that dress? I may have to copy it. She is gorgeous, and how fun of her to kidnap you for such an adventure. Let me know when y’all will be in Cincinnati – maybe we can swing up there and have a beer also. XO

  5. Sounds like another grand adventure.
    Lauri and I were earned our scuba certifications in the 90’s while cruising (on a slightly larger vessel) along the northern coast of SA. Clear water certification dives off Curacao and Columbia. Great fun and still married … so it can be done.

  6. Another great adventure! Good luck with the certification. SCUBA, for me is a religious experience. Bill, don’t do to Ann what was done to me: we were training on how to share air and the man to whom I was married intentionally didn’t pass the respirator back to me- to teach me a lesson on how to find my extra air supply. Did I mention that we are no longer married?

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