Union Island and the Grenadines

What a great place to cruise!  There are 21 large and 579 small islands in the 57 mile beautiful stretch of the Grenadines.  Union Island is the southernmost island  controlled by St. Vincent with all islands south of the Martinique channel controlled by Grenada.

Union is a beautiful island with generally friendly people and a charming downtown.  We arrived at the end of the season when jobs are scarce and, unfortunately, some people were making money the old-fashioned way: theft.

We were there only two days and a local couple was robbed at knife point and a cell phone was purportedly taken from an unlocked sailboat. Last, but not least, the 45′ sailboat La Sorella which was moored right behind us was stolen while we slept.  Maybe it’s just me,  but it seems odd to steal a large sailboat.  What do you do, put out both sails to make a fast getaway at 8 knots?  Anyway, they made it further than I thought and were captured 8 days later in St. John in Antigua.

Union Island (3)
Anchored Behind Thompson Reef on Union Island

The anchorage, when you’re not being robbed, is spectacular and well protected by Thompson and Center Reef.  It is unhappily crowded with many abandoned and derelict boats, but we did find a nice spot between them.

Union Island (5)
Fruit/Vegetable Market in Clifton, Union Island


Union Island (6)
Stocking up in the Rain


Union Island (11)
Fishing Boat Named After my Mom


Union Island (12)
The Heart of Downtown Clifton

A local man named Janti Ramage solved the problem of discarded conch shells littering downtown Clifton.  He hauled them all to the end of Thompson Reef and built a man-made island out of discarded conch shells.  Over the years he has expanded Happy Island to a nice size bar, restaurant and living quarters.  He finished up the place with outstanding food and reasonable drink prices.

Happy Island
Happy Island, Grenadines


Union Island (1)
Happy Island Bar With Janti the Owner


3 thoughts on “Union Island and the Grenadines”

  1. Loved all the islands. We also were robbed of a cell phone and$400 while sleeping on the island of Canouan. After that we locked up at night. On Union island after eating at a wonderful French restaurant we saw muddy foot prints on the deck . So glad we learned our lesson earlier ! Another surprise was all the vendors at Tobago cays! That’s not mentioned in guide books.

  2. I loved the photos! Love the colorful grenadines… But sorry to hear of the thefts. We have not had any of that here in St Kitts – but we will be extra vigilant now. Enjoy your homecoming! XO

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