Wahoo!, the Delta Connection and the Trinidad Coast Guard

After two months on the hard, while her owners were visiting family over the holidays, the Ann Louise finally splashed back into the ocean on February 8th. We wanted to get to Martinique and St. Lucia and just two days after arriving in Trinidad a weather window appeared that promised seas of only 6-9′, but with the possibility of strong thunderstorms and rain showers, so we were in a hurry.

Unfortunately, the Ann Louise was not in a hurry, and maybe a little upset about being left alone for the holidays.  Just 20 minutes after going back in the water and right after we arrived at the customs dock in Trinidad to clear out to Grenada, she blew the engine cooling pump, and 10 minutes later the generator cooling pump. After 4 hours in the engine room cursing engineers who design bolts to be hidden where no wrench can reach them, we finally headed out in the harbor with our hopes of beating the evening thunderstorms fading quickly. As we passed the old US Naval base in Trinidad, now the Trinadian Coast guard station, we were overtaken by a twin engine center console with five machine gun toting Coasties that informed us were going to have a “courtesy” inspection, and that we had to proceed to and dock at the old Naval base. So much for an early start!

Anyway, after 40 hours, some occasionally really uncomfortable seas, some really beautiful calm seas and a few serious lines of squalls, we finally pulled into the southern shores of Martinique at 4:30 am and idled in 1000′ of water just off the sand bank until first light. We were greeted by our good friends Richard and Lavinia Maggs on the Krogen 42 Partners who had thoughtfully sent us the lat/lon for the approach, their location and most importantly prepared a large pitcher of Bloody Marys! A huge thanks to Nick Starr for tracking our progress north and helping us navigate through bands of squalls during the trip!

We spent three wonderful days in Sainte Anne’s, Martinique anchored in 20′ of turquoise water just minutes from fresh croissants, french coffee,  topless french sunbathers and a Catholic church  (not necessarily in order of importance, although it’s a pretty good sequence if you think about it).


6 Feb 14#15 - 6 Feb 14
Sunset in the Lee of St Vincent


7 Feb 14#21 - 7 Feb 14
Ann is at the Helm as we Drop Anchor in Martinique
Photo is From Richard on board Partners


7 Feb 14#24 - 7 Feb 14
Lavinia Making Magic!


7 Feb 14#26 - 7 Feb 14
On Board Partners After 40 Hours at Sea


7 Feb 14#23 - 7 Feb 14
Ann and Richard


7 Feb 14#31 - 7 Feb 14
Bloddy’s Followed by a Delicious Breakfast


8 Feb 14#34 - 8 Feb 14
Sainte Anne’s Anchorage from a French Cafe


9 Feb 14#36 - 9 Feb 14
A View of Sainte Anne’s Harbor From the Chapel


14 Feb 14#45 - 14 Feb 14
Sunday at the Rendevous Cafe


After Martinique, we back-tracked 25 miles through really messy 8′ seas to Rodney Bay Marina in St. Lucia where we rented a slip for a month, cleaned the 1/4″ of salt off the rails and awaited our friends Don and Donna Bornhorst from Minneapolis. Don is an old co-worker of Ann’s from her accounting days in Cincinnati working for Deloitte & Touche, and he is now Delta’s VP in charge of all regional airlines, including ASA for whom I flew for 10 years. We did a three day grand tour of St. Lucia, including Rodney Bay Marina, the beautiful Marigot Bay and Anse de Pitons, an anchorage between two beautiful peaks on the southern end of the island.

We had a wonderful three days including dinner at the Rainforest Hideaway and a strenuous afternoon hike in Marigot Bay, catching a huge Wahoo, a REALLY strenous/treacherous hike half way up Petit Piton, and a rousing game of Midwestern Euchre. We hope someday they return!


15 Feb 14#46 - 15 Feb 14
Bill, Ann and Donna Enroute to Anse de Piton
16 Feb 14#60 - 16 Feb 14
Don at the Helm Leaving Marigot Bay




16 Feb 14#55 - 16 Feb 14
A Beautiful Picture of Ann and Donna in Marigot Bay


15 Feb 14#49 - 15 Feb 14
Not Really Sure


16 Feb 14#69 - 16 Feb 14


16 Feb 14#97 - 16 Feb 14
Anchored Between the Piton’s Looking South


17 Feb 14#109 - 17 Feb 14
I Think we can Climb it, Don’t you?


16 Feb 14#90 - 16 Feb 14
One hour and 15 minutes to the half way Point
Very Steep Terrain


16 Feb 14#85 - 16 Feb 14
Don and Bill at 1300 feet


16 Feb 14#78 - 16 Feb 14
Beautiful View from 1000 feet



16 Feb 14#105 - 16 Feb 14
Listening to Spingsteen at Sunset
“Drinking Warm Beers in the Soft Summer Rain”


16 Feb 14#104 - 16 Feb 14
Don and Donna with Petit Piton in the Background


Don and Donna 12 Hours Later With Their Minneapolis Home in the Background